About the wines

Christophe Baron and Elizabeth Bourcier worked together since the first release of No Girls in 2008 developing a style that is a true reflection of the uniqueness of the La Paciencia Vineyard. Elizabeth is now taking sole responsibility of the project in the wine studio.

Why No Girls?

It's a perfectly reasonable question, and there's a perfectly reasonable explanation.

“And we mean everyone”

The city of Walla Walla was founded in the mid-19th century by hard-working men and women— farmers, bankers, traders, prospectors, missionaries, housewives, field hands, NoGirlsOffice future technologists and a myriad of others. Even a couple random adventurers named Lewis and Clark stopped by. It was a happening place.

Like most American towns of its vintage, early Walla Walla offered its share of colorful characters and worldy distractions—including, dare we say it out loud, bordellos. And as fortune would have it, there had been one in the building Cayuse Vineyards founder Christophe Baron purchased in 2002.

When he walked through the doors for the first time, he found the scene remarkably, almost eerily, preserved. Just past the main entrance at the top of a flight of wide, sweeping stairs, the words No Girls were painted on the wall—the wine label is an actual photograph. The decades— old sign signaled that the house of ill repute had been finally shut down, and that the era of the Wild West had unofficially ended.

So that's the story. The name No Girls simply gives our respect to everyone who created the Walla Walla Valley we enjoy today.

And we mean everyone.