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Hand painted office sign from historical hotel in Walla Walla, Washington.

About the wines

Developing a style that truly reflects the uniqueness and character of La Paciencia Vineyard, Cayuse Vineyards' Resident Vigneronne Elizabeth Bourcier and Christophe Baron have worked together since the first release of No Girls in 2008. Elizabeth took over sole wine studio responsibility for the project with the 2011 vintage.

Why the name?

The No Girls moniker is a nod to the city of Walla Walla's colorful and vibrant history. As typical in the wild American West, bordellos (brothels) operated freely in the growing community. As times and people changed and the women's suffrage movement began, the famed houses of ill repute began to close.

In 2002, Christophe Baron purchased a downtown building that had once housed such a bordello. When he walked through the doors for the first time, he found the scene almost eerily preserved. At the top of a flight of broad, sweeping stairs, the words "No Girls" were still visible where they had been painted on a wall sometime in the 1960s— the wine label is an actual photograph.

The unique phrase signifies the ending of an era that marginalized and compromised female empowerment and represents the dawning of the age of women's rights. So No Girls is far more than just wine—it's powered by the strength of women, a sense of history, progressive thought, and "Savoir Faire."

Beyond the building and its colorful legacy, the name No Girls recognizes our rich history. It is a gesture of respect and appreciation to everyone who created the Walla Walla Valley we enjoy today.

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